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Hungry For Dust 

A Plan Z Productions Original Documentary... Coming soon 

Mark Thomas Burke hopes to make history in Baja by becoming the oldest man in history to complete the Baja 1000 solo on a dirt bike. He will be competing in the pro Ironman class in November 2023. 

Mark grew up in Barstow, California. Mark has been around desert racing since he was a kid as His father was the founder of Rescue 3,  a medical team that would help at local desert races. Mark was an avid racer during the late 80s to the mid 90s. He had his share of wins and podium finishes and a number of hard crashes, however, he decided to retire from racing dirtbikes, and go into racing off-road cars. After years of racing,  shooting moto photography, and a number of other ventures, he decided to leave desert racing behind and move to a small town called Grangeville, Idaho. Soon after he moved, the itch to return to the desert popped up. Mark decided he wanted to take on the longest non-stop race in the world; The Baja 1000. He wanted to take on this race, not only for personal pleasure, but because he hopes to make history, and he wants to chase his full potential by taking on one of the toughest races in the world.

How Can I Help? 

Filmmaking is expensive, to say the least. Especially for a brand new production company like Plan Z. Our vision for this film exceeds that of a simple YouTube video. We want to make a film that is packed with stunning visuals, emotional moments, and deep meaningful story. We need to raise thousands of dollars to help pay not only for camera equipment, but also manpower needed to create the powerful film that I know "Hungry For Dust" can be. Any contribution is welcome, and anyone who makes a contribution of any size will be included in the end credits of the film. If you want to make a contribution, please email me, Tanner Waite at or call or text 505-330-8060 the amount you would like to donate and we'll get you set up. 

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