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3 Essential types of videos for your Business.


The world of social media marketing is upon us. There's a lot more to social media marketing than just snapping a picture every few weeks and slapping it on your instagram feed. especially in a world where social media is constantly getting more and more complicated! there are REELs, TIC TOKs, trending sounds, stories, posts, tags, hashtags etc. Consistency is essential, engagement is essential. How exactly do you make your social media pages consistent and engaging? How does video play into all of it? I hope to answer these questions by telling you about 3 essential types of videos you need to produce for your business. Let's get Into it!

  1. Your business has a story, and it deserves to be told! An "About us" video is our first type of video that is essential to your business. Sure, writing a quick paragraph on your "About us" section on your website is great and all, but imagine for one second being in a customer, or a perspective employees shoes. Imagine visiting your own website, reading the quickly typed out paragraph about your business vs scrolling through your website, reading a well thought out paragraph about the history of your business, then pressing play on a video that brings you INTO that story! Having a good "About us" Video truly makes whoever is watching the video be part of your organization. Whether it's through buying your product or services, or by sending in an application. Which brings us into our second type of video that is essential for every business.

2. The second type of video every business needs is an "Our services" or "Our product" or "What we do" video. The principal of this type of video is simple. explain exactly what you do as a business and what you specialize in. You might say; "Well I own a plumbing business, people already know what we do! We plumb!" I use plumbing as an example because I worked in the industry for 4 years, and still plumb part time. I've plumbed in 4 states and three different companies and let me tell you, the difference between each company is drastic. One plumbing might exclusively focus on snaking drains, while another type of plumbing company will only do residential new construction. A good "What we do" video establishes your brand not only for perspective customers, but also perspective employees! In the construction industry especially, employees are more important than customers these days with how short handed everyone is. There's lots of work to be done, but not enough hands to do it! The amazing thing about the "what we do" type of video is that it doesn't have to be just one video. it can be dozens of short videos posted over several months witch allows you to stay consistent on your social media pages, plus a video explaining your product and service simply and effectively is much more engaging and interesting than a random picture or post on Facebook saying; "We're hiring!"

3. The third type of video has similar advantages to the "What we do" video type in that you can create dozens of videos that fall under this category, and can be combined with the effectiveness of the "About us" video. These videos can be 5 minutes long or 5 seconds long. They can be as simple as putting your phone in video mode and holding it up selfie style and talking away or as complex as hiring an entire video team! this third type of video type is "Testimonials". We all know how important reviews are for a business these days! whether their from google, Facebook, yelp, or any other platform that's out there. Humans naturally want to be safe and take minimal risks in life! when people see that there are a number of other people that have used your services before and are happy with your services their more likely to use your services! Its simple human physiology. Testimonial videos of happy clients are important because seeing a smiling, excited face talking about your services will help people make that decision even more. Testimonial videos can really spice up your social media pages, especially when combined with "About us" videos and "What we do" videos.

Hiring a content creator for your business to produce these and other types of videos for you consistently will grow your business like crazy! especially when combined with other online and traditional marketing efforts. See How else video can enhance your marketing efforts by contacting Plan Z Productions today!

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